AXIS works seamlessly with your company to help attract, retain and motivate your workforce.

By working together, AXIS can deliver a compelling and valuable benefit—one that is in the best interests of both your company and that of your employees.

The key factor that differentiates AXIS is our ability to create a tangible benefit, by optimising employee super at an individual account level.

To achieve this, we adopt a dynamic framework that encompasses the Discovery, Nurture and Ongoing stages of the AXIS journey.

Each stage generates the financial momentum to help drive the value of your employees’ super.

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The first phase of the AXIS framework is about working with you to understand the current arrangement between your company and its super provider.

This AXIS ‘fact find’ process will help identify the specific services the provider is delivering as part their super agreement. Of more importance, is uncovering the services you are not receiving. These tend to be the factors that contribute to a shortfall in superannuation benefits.

AXIS captures these findings in a comprehensive assessment of the provider. This report highlights the data, feedback, and our recommendation for moving forward.

By the end of the ‘Discovery’ phase, your company will have a clear understanding of how AXIS can deliver a greater benefit to your workforce.


Off the back of the previous assessment, AXIS is now in a position to leverage its expertise and findings to deliver greater benefit for your employees.

This is where AXIS brings about tangible results, working on your company’s behalf to negotiate and implement a raft of improved services from the provider.

One of the key responsibilities taken by AXIS is to establish the governance framework to monitor and measure performance. This ensures the provider is held accountable and the ongoing benefits of super are realised by your employees.

AXIS’ liaison role between your company and its super provider also provides an important channel for remedial actions, especially if the provider fails to deliver on the agreed services.

Ongoing Partnership

An ongoing partnership with AXIS continues to provide tangible value for your company and employees.

This involves fine-tuning and monitoring performance, even negotiating services as the company’s circumstances and employees’ needs evolve.

AXIS will continue to work with you, ensuring your super provider meets their obligations, negotiating with them for further improvements in the delivery of their services.

Your ongoing relationship with AXIS will provide expertise and company support, and explore opportunities that may deliver greater results for your company.


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