The corporate superannuation consultants

Since its inception in 1994, AXIS has constantly stayed at the forefront of the Super Industry in technical expertise together with developing services, process and technologies that it uses when working with employers in transforming super into a superior benefit for their workforce.

The depth and range of skills and experience of our team is one of the reasons that we are respected highly in the industry by employers, providers and employees alike. That depth is translated into products and services that are constantly evolving in technical capability and technological innovation.

We have a mission at AXIS which is to make sure that the second largest employer funded employee entitlement, the Corporate Superannuation Plan not only “does its job”, and becomes a benefit to the employee but also that the employers do not miss the opportunity to position themselves positively with their workforce.

  • Let's talk about the right super fit for your employees.

Our services and methodologies follow a technically assessed step by step process of working with employers by:

  • rigorously evaluating the corporate plan design,
  • improving them by negotiation with plan providers or tendering the plan,
  • promoting it to the entire workforce, and ensuring the service delivery model is consistently delivered and measured to make sure it remains a superior benefit


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